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Gas Detection | Magnums Group

Gas Detection

Our Variety Of Products That We Provide

Carbon Monoxide Gas Detector - TS12HC1RB

TS12 are ideally suitable for applications where additional safety is required. The detector is positioned in such a way that gas leakage is detected as soon as possible.

LPG / PNG Gas Detector - TS230HLB / HLRB

Safety of commercial & industrial kitchens is of prime importance. TS12CLR Commercial Grade Gas Leak Detectors can detect LPG or PNG and warn before the gas density in air reaches unwanted levels.

GAS Valve

The electro-valve is emergency device used to cut off the gas pipeline. It can be connected with the gas leakage alarm system or fire protection and other intelligent terminals connecting module to implement automatically /manually cutting off the power urgently on spot or remoteness, assuring the safety of using gas.

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